Working on Inquiry- Lesson 8

Working on Inquiry is lesson 8 in my unit. This is the lesson that introduces the final assignment, based on the Graphic Organizer  which were presented in lesson 4. The students already have their groups and central questions. I started the lesson by discussing the Residential School Research and Presentation Assignment, and than discussed the Rubric that comes with the assignment. I reviewed the Recording References page that the students are required to fill out for each resource that they collect information from, as well as the check list that students will be able to refer to, ensuring that they have everything handed in when it is supposed to be. One of the requirements of the rubric is that they have one non electronic source, this means that I had to bring in resources for the students to use. The students all connected with this assignment, and even though they do not all like their groups, they are able to compromise to make the group work.