UR Pride

This is the second event I have been to where the UR Pride presented on sexual diversity. The first one was in my second year of university, and it happens to be the first event I have ever planned as an Education Students’ Society. In the first event we learned about different resources to bring into the classroom, in particular about how to contact the UR Pride center and different ways how they are able to help students, parents and teachers who have questions, or need guidance and advice. It was very informal but gave me a starting point to gain knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community and how to be a supportive ally.

The second event that I attended on November 16th 2015, was more focused on educating me about terminology and how to be supportive as well as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. It was during this event that we were able to have a good discussion about pronouns, learning that the best way to avoid insult someone is by simply asking which pronouns they, as an individual prefer to be addressed by, this is simple and takes like  two seconds. Once you know how a person identifies, use that to address them, or by their name, that works to, but do not call them by a term that they do not identify with because you are now insulting their identity.

Defining the difference between gender and sex was a useful discussion, one which I can bring into my classrooms in an educational and confident way. It is difficult to advocate for the LGBTQ+ if I do not  understand the terminologies and what it is that I am advocating for. This event gave me a lot of insight and knowledge about something that I have always been passionate about, however it also have me insight into my own biases that I am know able to address in an educated way.