Understanding and Reflection-Lesson 7

Understanding and reflection  is the seventh lesson in my loss of identity unit. This lesson primarily uses the Blanket Exercise  which allows for the students to interactively engage in the activity while at the same time getting lots of pieces to the history of treaties, including residential school. Many of the students started to connect to the story of the survivors, because they started to be scared and concerned about when I would ask them to step down. While this is a very serious activity that provides lots of valuable information and experiences, when teaching middle years students it is sometimes necessary for students to want a personal connection to the learning allows for stronger engagement and more understanding of why we have to take the events of our past seriously. I think that this lesson accomplished just that. When planning this lesson it is important to ensure you have more than an hour set aside. The activity takes about 45-60 minutes, and you need to have at least a fifteen minute debrief after the activity with the class. You need to have two leaders to perform the blanket exercise, and I wouldn’t recommend having more than 40 students participate at a time. This is such an amazing activity to do with students, whether it is to introduce residential schools, for an activity part of the way through or to end the unit, students will be able to get the importance of the activity from the content as well as the debrief. Depending on the class it may be a good idea to have an elder come in to debrief.