Teaching about Residential Schools- Lesson 4

Teaching about residential schools is the fourth lesson in the loss of identity unit. The objective of this lesson is to provide students with background information about residential schools. The reason that this is done four lessons in, and not at the beginning of the lesson is because the survivors’ stories allows students to make connections between the fact ,and the personal experiences that we have been reading. The second part of the lesson was the start of an ongoing activity where the students lose their names in exchange for numbers. This caused a lot of responses that really have the students understanding the importance of their name, and their own personal identity. The student that is now know as 21 had two very strong points the first one being “I don’t like being called that [number]. I’m gonna run away…” and the second one really showed his frustration, “I have a name. My momma gave me a name.” One of my other students said “I liked being called by my name. Not number 2.” Having the students react this way makes it easier to get the importance of ones name across to the students. The third and final part of this lesson was the introduction of the inquiry project that revolves around group work and an already determined question for each group. The students will use the Graphic Organizer template, and the Recording References sheet that will help the students gather information of for their central question.