Residential Schools and the Loss of Identity English Unit

This unit is based around two main resources, the first is the Truth and Reconciliation, in particular the Survivors Speak section, and the second being Canadian Government’s 2008 apology to Residential School Survivors. The first is used in the majority of classes, while the second has one whole lesson based primarily around it. Since it is a grade 7/8 split, the unit is designed with outcomes CR 7.1 and CR 8.1, that refer to the comprehension and understanding of the unit, and CC 7.2 and CC 8.2 that refer to the creation of a teacher led inquiry unit. The unit is mainly focused around the treaty outcome SI8, which is where my focus on residential schools comes from. While my unit has the last half mostly inquiry based, the first part is based around direct teaching and discussions. The unit is designed to give the students some experience with the events that happened during residential schools first hand. There are many activities that will slowly have the removal of the students identity to show the impacts of losing vital elements of one own identity. This will provide the students with an education around residential schools, as well as insight into the event that happened. The unit is filled with personal reflection time as well as many educational activities. There is room for this unit to be expanded, or condensed as well as it to be taught cross-curricular with social studies, health, and arts education.