Religion and Research-Lesson 9

Religion and Research is done as a half learning, half work lesson. The first part of the lesson has students reading survivors’ stories from the TRC based on the Religious Training section. To start the lesson we had a class discussion about what we understood of the catholic religion. Students came up with answers such as God, forgiveness, prayers, respect, trust, etc., once students finished brainstorming their ideas about what religion means to them, I distributed the readings and the assignment. The assignment “Responding and Connecting the Survivors experiences with religion in residential schools ” focuses on understanding the different treatment and understandings that the survivors developed towards different religious concepts. There is a section of the assignment that allows for comparison between the students’ understanding of the catholic religion and the survivors’ understanding of religion, as well as a section where students can discuss their connection to the readings. The assignment is marked out of 10, based on the Responding and Connecting the Survivors experiences with religion in residential schools (teacher copy). The second part of the lesson is to have the students work on their inquiry projects. They already have their groups, and are just continuing from lesson 8.