Professional Development Rep-my not so great 1st year

At the end of my first year of university I was feeling lost, my grades were not where I wanted them, I hadn’t made a lot of friends, I was tired and stressed and found myself feeling bored and disengaged in classes. At the end of that year, while sitting in an ECS 100 lecture class, we had presenters coming at the end of the class to explain an opportunity that was open to education students. To be honest I was barely paying attention, it was the last class of the day and I had a pile of homework to complete before the next day. These 5, very excited education students were the new executive of the Education Students’ Society (ESS) and they were looking for new members. As I left the class, I thoughtlessly took an application, it was basic information, and I mindlessly completed the information on the application. Once I realized how close I was to completing the application I figured I should finish it and get my nomination signatures. By time I finished getting all of my nomination signatures I was invested in joining the team.

I bombed my interview, really bad, I was unprepared, and froze on every question (I would like to say that the questions were ridiculous but I cannot remember them), but I was still accepted to the team, someone must have seen something in me that I was missing. I started my first year of the ESS as a Professional Development Representative. My first event was to plan an event with the UR Pride about sexual diversity, this event had a total of 6 people attend. I felt like I had no idea what I was doing, that I was just as lost in my second year as I was in my first, but at the end of my second year I came to the realization that I was likely going to be changing my major, and I needed some sort of stability and connection to the Faculty of Education to encourage me to stay in the Education Program and not flee due to frustrations. I decided to apply for the Vice President of Finance position which was going to be opened in fall of 2014. It was not an easy decision since I felt that I had not done a great job with the ESS, found it difficult to participate in events, and was disengaged in many meetings. However, I did much better in the interview and was given  the position.