1.3 Transformations

For the transformations part of the unit I broke it up into four sections. The first section is having the students work on translations (moving up, down, left, right). The students complete the Explore the Math 1-3, where they cut out a shape and move it to a new location. Using the whiteboards helped give opportunity for lots of examples, and made it easier for me to track their learning. I had two colours for the whiteboard markers, with the original shape being in one colour and the translated colour being in the second colour. Finer tipped markers work better than thick.

The second section is reflections. The hardest part of this is getting students to understand that the image will be flipped and not identical to the original. Using the whiteboards are beneficial but the first class spent on this topic needs to be primarily examples. With the second day being working on the assignment.

The third section is rotations. The idea that an image can be rotated at different angels can be problematic. The students took a while to grasp the concept but using the boards helped them follow along with the examples and visually see/demonstrate the transformation that occurs.

The final section is having students perform multiple movements from the original image to  the new coordinates. This is only done once students are comfortable doing the earlier three transformations.