Loss of Language- lesson 5

The loss of language lesson is the fifth lesson in the loss of identity unit. This lesson is broken into three related sections. The first section was an interactive activity where I wrote scribbles on the board, and spoke in sounds and random noises. The other teachers and I acted as if I was making complete sense, but the students had no idea what was happening. If a student talked I got  mad, if they laughed I got mad, and if they did it enough than they got randomly sent out of the classroom. After the lesson I asked them how they felt, they all agreed that the activity was frustrating, and that a some moments they felt they were learning nothing and that it was a waste of their education. This led to the question “what was it like for survivors?” and the class erupted, they were mad and confused. The more we talked about it, along with the TRC survivors stories that we read continued into our second phase which was primarily discussion based. The third part of the lesson was having the students write a one page reflection about the activity, the readings and the discussions that took place. Having the students write a one page reflection proved to be challenging, but I think that setting a specific goal for students was a good idea because than they cannot write only three sentences and say that they are done.