Life before Residential School-Lesson 1


The first lesson that I taught in Residential Schools English unit, is Life before Residential Schools. This lesson focuses on having students create their own identity web, (examples of students work can be found here) which will be used in many parts throughout the unit. The class started off with students discussing what makes a person’s identity; they listed things such as hobbies, background, education, personality, appearance, talents, family, friends etc. Based on the ideas the students came up with they created their own identity webs. The lesson than went to students reading different stories from the Truth and Reconciliation document: Survivors Speak. After the first story I had students reflect on the emotions that they got from the entry, and what things were mentioned that described the survivors identity before residential schools. The lesson ideally would end with a conclusion of placing pins, or tags on a map of Canada/Saskatchewan marking the locations of the schools that we discussed.