Info 7/8

Info is a class that I took during my senior classes of high school. However, at Schell students take info in grade 7/8. This provides them with the chance to be computer literate at a young age. In a majority of years the main focus is on typing, but these students are already good at typing so I decided to class in a different direction where they will have the chance to find real-life uses of technology. I did start my class with typing to ensure that they were all at a strong level, this continued for two weeks. I than started the students on more direct skills such as Excel and Word, where they apply their typing abilities but the focus is on the formatting and skill application of the programs. Students than get to learn about the dangers of the internet and how to be safe online. The class will end with a digital story completed by the students. The unit, resources, and students’ work will be displayed on this website. I will also share with you my own experiences of teaching a class based on technology and not the simple integration of technology into the subjects.