French- Countries around the World

Amy Klassen and I attempted to teach French during our pre-internship block. We decided that this would be a good time to practice co-teaching, as well as co-planning. This was done as a mini unit, with five lessons based around Grade 6 outcome LK.1 and grade 7 outcome LK.1. These lessons are intended for a 7/8 class however, since French is rarely taught at my pre-internship school, it was decided that we would start off with the basics. Their are four lessons that we did, and than the fifth was a day where we used the Free Rice website, changed the language to French and had the students try to match the country with the location, but everything was in French. These lessons could easily be used as a starting point for a larger unit based about countries.

Lesson 1 was an introduction to the mini unit, which included a blank world map, a list of translated countries and a complete map in English.

Lesson 2 is a continuation of Lesson 1; however there is the additional of labeling and coloring continents.

Lesson 3 still builds off of the previous lessons, with the addition of labeling oceans and choosing 5 to 10 extra countries to label.

Lesson 4 leads into speaking the language in proper sentences using terms like Habiter (to live)

The final map was marked out of 51, and at the end the students appeared to have an interest in finding out about more countries, these lessons would be very easy to expand into a full unit.