Drum Circle with Lambda Drum Solutions

On February 23rd 2016, I attended the “Drum Circle with Lambda Drum Solutions” professional development event hosted by the Education Students’ Society at the University of Regina.

This event had three portions to it, the first is learning about sound and rhythm, the second was participating in the circle drumming session and the third was a spiritual drumming massage.

In the first portion of the event, the presenter Mike, provided future teachers with how drumming can be used in different ways in a classroom. Starting with using drumming for a music strand in art class, as well as the sound waves and vibrations for science class. This portion took only 15 minutes, since the event was intended to be hands on based. However, knowing that I can bring the idea of drumming into my classroom in direct ties with the curriculum had me more than engaged in the event.

The second portion was were we go to experiment with different styles of drums (I definitely do not remember what these were called but there were like 5 different drums). I liked the one that looked like a giant bongo, but there were certain sticks that you could hit it with to make different noises and vibrations, there were also different spots on the drum that you could hit depending on the noise. Once we started to get more comfortable drumming he shared how drumming can be used as a stress relief to eliminate bad energy vibes, however it is also a spiritual experience where the drum represents the sound of Mother Earth’s heart beat, something that was learned from an elder that showed him a particular style of drumming for healing and celebrating. This is not drumming I would feel comfortable doing without the permission of an elder or respected knowledge keeper, permission which he has gained after many years of respectfully practicing.The drumming circle was  very calming and is something that can be used in an educational and spiritual setting.

The final portion of the event was the spiritual drumming massage, where half the group laid on the floor while the other half used open backed drums to walk around us while drumming low to our bodies. The vibrations felt like a full body massage was occurring without us ever being touched. It was a great experience, reliving all stress and negative energies before switching the responsibilities of the participants. This activity demonstrated that in order for you to receive benefits you must be being willing to wok for them.

The company that came and presented also does classroom visits, focusing on the specific lessons that are currently being taught to the class. This is something that I would like to bring into my class to get the students understanding the constructiveness between different elements of the curriculum as well as elements of the outside world and relationships.