Brooke’s books

I read a lot, and I read pretty much anything I can get my hands on both academic and pleasure readings. My favorite genre is mystery but occasionally I enjoy chick literature or fantasy. However, for academic readings I like books that show hands on experience and data gathering. The books I read academically provide me with insight, ideas, and of course more questions about my own teaching philosophy. If you glance at any of my academic books, keeping in mind that in my past four years of schooling I have gotten rid of very few textbooks, regretting those I have gotten rid of, because at the time I thought their usefulness had ran out.

I believe that reading is a personal form of professional development, teaching you new pedagogies, ideas, resources and activities. Any books which I read that I have found useful material on that improves my own teaching, makes me question my teaching or ideas, or can be used as a useful resource for what I am teaching will be discussed on the sub-pages on this blog.