About Me

My name is Brooke Korchinski. I am a recent graduate of the education program at the University of Regina.However, I spent my childhood in small town Craik SK, which is located about an hour north of Regina, with my parents, younger sister and brother. It was my experiences in Craik that have impacted me the most, from situations that occurred during school to events that happened within my family. My family has impacted me the most, especially my extended family; who taught me to stand up for what is right, and never allow someone to be belittled for something that is out of their control. My extended family is very large, so you learn to hold your own, be stubborn and, never let others tell you that your beliefs do not matter; but you also learn how to empathize with others, to listen to others, and to be patient. I have spent most of my life being around young children; with a large family there is always someone younger than you.  It was my experiences with my young cousins, along with my experiences of assisting with figure skating, teaching swimming lessons, and tutoring that led me in the direction of education. I have always found a lot of excitement in volunteering which I exhibited during high school with the Student Representative Council (SRC), and the Craik School Community Council (SCC); this continued throughout university with an active role as President of the Education Students’ Society (ESS) and Director of Chapter Health with Engineers’ Without Borders (EWB). I took the opportunity to further my own education by attending many professional development events, and taking an active role in my classes, I continue to look forward to being a lifelong learner.