A Year of Change-Being the President

The spring of 2015 ended in me knowing that I would be president of the Education Students’ Society (ESS). I started off my first week making a list of plans that I had for the year. It looked something like this,

  • rewrite the ESS constitution
  • complete the Faculty of Education Strategic Plan
  • increase ESS members
  • increase events for all students and their families
  • increase faculty and staff connections
  • improve the lounge
  • host necessary events at the Owl
  • work with more student groups on campus
  • develop a mentorship program
  • improve the Project Connect community outreach program
  • ensure a team is trained and prepared to take over at the end of the year

This list may seem manageable but I also had classes, pre-internship and tons of things that  I was not expecting to have to deal with, however my list once done looked something like this,

  • ESS constitution was completed
  • Completed the Faculty of Education Strategic Plan
  • Contributed to the Faculty of Education’s Response to the TRC
  • increased  the number of  members from 9 to over 20
  • ran weekly meetings
  • hosted two events at the Owl, both with involvement of other student groups  on campus
  • hosted many Professional Development and Social events, including 2 galas and a very successful faculty, student and families bowling event
  •  started a Mentorship program
  •  increased the amount of events with faculty participation
  • attended STF conferences in both October and April with lots of collaboration with other teachers
  • attended and contributed to the Joint-Field experience committee meetings
  • attended and contributed to the Faculty of Council meetings
  • attended and contributed to Dean’s advisory committee meetings for Tenure, Sabbatical and promotions
  • attended and contributed to the Professional Development Committee
  • attended and contributed to the Aboriginal Advisory Circle
  • had an overall successful year with a great team of people
  • left confident that the new team of executives were capable of taking over a leadership role on campus

There are many things that I am proud of that I accomplished during my year as president, but none as much as the team I created, and taught to take over the responsibilities of the ESS once my time was done. I had my year of learning during my second year of ESS, and I provided a year of learning to those who would be taking over. Being in the ESS provided me a passion for administration, and a passion to ensure that the graduates coming from the University of Regina are the most capable and passionate teachers in the field.

Besides the personal growth that I experienced being invovled in the ESS, I also learned time management, classroom management, negotiation skills, found the ability to compromise, and found my own level of professionalism.

I cannot believe the amazing opportunities the ESS provided me with, the people I met, and the achievements I got to witness, I encourage all university students to get involved in their student societies, or any university club because that is how you find out your passions.