Connections found between social justice and ethnomathematics in culturally responsive mathematics-to be marked

Culturally responsive education can be considered as five focal dimensions; Social Justice, Ethnomathematics, Indigenous education, Equity, and Linguistically Diverse Learners. Each one of the dimensions on its own is has unique place in a classroom, but they are very interconnected. The connections that I developed an understanding from on Monday’s class were the interrelatedness of social justice and ethnomathematics.

Using social justice in mathematics allows students to analyze, interpret, and acknowledge that there are injustices in the world. Some of these injustices directly impact your students, and others will have a limited idea or understanding what injustices are. Educating students on the injustices, and working together to arrive at possible solutions is how social justice is part of culturally responsive mathematics.

Social justice links to ethnomathematics by specifying your teaching towards a group of people, for example if you have a class of all Indigenous students, it would be best to design your lesson to the needs of your students, this can also be said for a group of students who are involved in farming with their families. This allows students to relate to mathematics in the themes and questions that relate to their lives, whether that is specifically dealing with personal struggles, ideals, and difficulties or dealing with injustices that are imposed on them by society.  Seeing the connections between social justice mathematics and ethnomathematics widens the understanding of what culturally responsive mathematics means.

In class we often discuss the overlap between the dimensions of culturally responsive mathematics,  but developing the understanding of each dimension will allow for a full understanding of the concept of culturally responsive mathematics. This can be the pedagogies with use, the lessons we teach, the examples that are used, the themes of our discussions, everything we do can be connected designed with ethnomathematics and social justice in mind.

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