First week of Internship

On Thursday September 1st, I started a routine that I am very familiar with. Getting up, getting ready in my best looking clothes, putting on make-up and brushing my hair. Except this time was different, for the first time in 16 years I got ready for the first day of school, not as a student but as the teacher. I would not be the one being greeted my cheery-eyed teachers, asking what I did over the summer, and noticing my tan. Instead I was the teacher that was cheery-eyed and smiling, inquiring about the students’ summer, and commenting on how tall they have gotten, how tanned they are. I finally got to experience the other side of the student-teacher relationship. I also got to experience the amount of work required to be prepare for the first week of school. I started my first day with the standard assembly, hearing motivational thoughts, and entertaining videos explaining why students, teachers, and schools are important. This took up the majority of the morning. Lunch happened, than it was on to observing 3/4 PE. I assumed that my first day would be mostly observing, but 5th period started and I was sitting with my grade 7/8s in their Information Processing (info pro) class, before I knew it I was teaching an Info Pro class on typing. More surprisingly the lesson went smoothly. I had no lesson plan, have briefly glanced at the textbook and none of it mattered. The teaching just felt natural, I know computers, I know what skills are needed for a person to be successful in terms of typing, so I just started with those skills. Starting with typing is mostly so I can gather the rest of my units before I pick up too much.

The second day I started right off the day with teaching math, both 7 and 8 curriculum. I am lucky that I have such an amazing class. Teaching two separate curriculum at the same time is challenging, but it is much easier when I get the chance to spend time focusing on one grade while the other grade works silently. I have started a routine where I start with the grade 7s on day 1,3,5 and grade 8 2,4,6. After laying out expectations and a class routine of how math class will work the class went fairly smooth. It is much different circulating a class with 9 students total than when there is 30 students. I have so much time, I have always believed that the teacher should be circulating while students are doing quiet work, but it felt a lot like I was walking around in circles for no reason. Social Studies was taught later in the day. While I have a split class, I am only teaching the grade 7 curriculum. This gives me a chance to really learn the curriculum, which is something you do not get enough of in university. I would like to spend time finding connections between grade 7 and grade 8 but for now just connections between grade 7 and treaty education will work.

I am excited to see how next week goes as it is my first full week.

Wish me luck!!

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