Getting ready for internship

In the fall I get to start my internship, which I am beyond excited about…I am also beyond nervous and stressed. I love the idea of a new challenge, but I feel like I am going into this challenge blind. My co-op teaches K-12 physical education, and middle years science, PAA, and social studies. All of which is fantastic, and none of which I have actually taught at length, if ever before. One of the other teachers may be willing to let me teach some of her English, health and art classes, out of all of these I have taught English. Some how during my entire three weeks teaching all that was really taught was English and French. Three weeks is not a lot of time, especially when the first five days I only taught English, and the next two weeks I taught English and French. The students were working on Science fair and health projects so I was unable to teach either of those subjects. My amazing teaching partner did the math classes. I was able to teach a physical education class and a social class, which gave me a really really small glance into the subjects. Three weeks is not enough time to become comfortable with teaching, or even become close to becoming ready to teach. I know that the U of R has a great education program, and I am sure that in the future I will be thankful for it but right now I feel under prepared, and having no control as to how  my next month will work. I hate this feeling.

I also get the feeling that I get a chance to try new things and implement all the ideas that I have. I hear about teachers coming up with great new ideas and being able to see them through gives them an understanding of what works and does not work. I have ideas, literally a book of them, that I have never had a chance to try… and now I get to try at least some of them.

But what if my plans do not work, what if they are not right for the school that I am in, or what if they are only good in theory. These thoughts seem like I am over reacting, which I probably am but getting them out is part of me preparing for internship…or part of me second guessing my decision.

Keep calm and teach on (I seen this on a beach towel, except it said beach on, I am now claiming it as my motto). It is probably good that I have a few more weeks to get ready, seeing as how I have no idea what classes I am actually teaching, or what grades, or anything about the outcomes/themes/units that I am starting with. The best I can do is read the curriculum, know where treaty ed outcomes fit within the curriculum, have ideas for every possible unit, and just go with it as I need to. I also have a few resources for every subject/grade and a starting place for many units. I am really hoping that this works out.

*Reminder–Find time to balance teaching/prep with life!

1 thought on “Getting ready for internship

  1. It has been 20 years since I interned, but when I did they eased you into teaching. I didn’t teach full time until I’d been there for 2 months. I got a lot of guidance about creating units. Is your internship set up in a similar manner?


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