Sharing is caring…at least that is what I am told

Sharing is something that is learnt at an age of 3 or 4, younger if you have siblings. It is retaught when starting kindergarten, a grade 1, and grade 2, in fact I know many adults that cannot figure out the concept of sharing. There is something difficult about the idea of allowing others to have access to your ideas, property, or something you believe to have ownership over.

The sanity of teachers is dependent on sharing; sharing resources, sharing ideas, sharing lessons, sharing work, and sharing coffee. Sharing for teachers is important, yet so much of university focuses on doing it yourself. Students have opportunities to collaborate, but they are expected to come up with their own lessons, own ideas, to think of something revolutionary and ground breaking…at least that is what it feels like as a student. We know that teachers do not make every lesson, idea, activity from scratch. However, we cannot use the ideas of someone else, and if we do come up with a good idea than our first thought is to keep it for ourselves. Than we get out into the real world and have to learn sharing all over again. I can understand why many adults have issues with sharing, because sharing is almost like losing part of your idea, something that at one point belonged to you. Once you share an idea you have no control over what happens to it, it can be manipulated, changed, reworked, and end up looking like the original idea. This seems like a lot of reasons to never share, but it all leads to one important reason to share. Your single idea, plan, activity, in the eyes and with the mind of someone else could become a different, even more amazing idea. This to me is fascinating, to others it is terrifying.

Sharing is not a bad thing, it is the start of many things, the end of others, but it always results in a product. If we can teach 3 year olds to share, why is it hard to teach a bunch of adults to share?

1 thought on “Sharing is caring…at least that is what I am told

  1. I think for adults the fear of sharing sometimes comes from the idea of credit. “What if so-and-so uses my idea and everybody loves it and nobody knows I thought of it?” I agree that as teachers sharing is essential. It is impossible to read all the new articles, books, blogs related to our subjects especially in this day and age when teachers often teach many grade levels and disciplines. We need to share our good ideas.


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