The importance of blogging

My first attempt at blogging was in ESCI 302, I hated it. I do not mean that I disliked it, I mean I actually hated it with a passion. I would start writing a post, felt it was not good enough, end up crying, erasing it, ending up writing a bad post right before it was do, this process resulted in a lot of bad marks which caused me to hate blogging, journaling, and reflecting. After ESCI 302, I was determined that I would never blog again, ever, at all costs.

Well the first day of classes in the fall 2015 semester, my stubbornness to not blog was met by a sessional instructor who was more determined to make me blog. This was my first time having a class with Katia Hildebrandt, but I had already collaborated with her on the Faculty of Education’s Strategic Plan, so I knew that she was equally as stubborn and determined to make me blog as I was to not blog, her advantage was that she controlled me passing the ECS 301 class. I had no choice but to reluctantly look at my poorly developed blog, cringe as she outlined how many blogs would be made in the semester, and explained that I had no choice but to blog. I knew I would have to blog, BUT I WOULD NOT ENJOY IT. I could survive another semester blogging, I have survived much worse. And I successfully survived all blog posts without her raising any concerns. One semester down, just needed to survive the rest of my degree without ever looking at my blog again. Solid plan.

Until I found out that I would once again have Katia for my ECS 311 class, and she was making us blog…again… I was so frustrated. Why did she feel like blogging was so important, it was in no way going to further my education, it wasn’t going to make me a better teacher, and it certainly was not going to remove any of the stress I was already feeling about the very busy semester. But since I needed the class to finish my degree I forced myself to blog, every week, with minimal whining (my classmates and friends may disagree with the minimal part, but I sticking firm with minimal).

I hated blogging, completely hated it. I hated it until I stated my three week block of pre-internship. Than I actually found use it blogging. Every lesson plan I created, even the ones that blew up in my face I reflected on, but scribbling notes on a printed out lesson plan was not helping me, I needed to actually process what worked and what did not work. I needed to talk it out with someone, but that was hard to do because my classmates were all busy with their own teaching experiences, and I my family was busy with everything else. This caused me to start blogging about my lessons, each lesson, every day. What worked, what did not, what I liked, what I hated, and how I would change the lesson. This began my positive relationship with blogging.

I convinced myself that blogging was something that would help me in the future, if for no other reason than it would give me evidence of progress. I needed an education elective for one of my final classes to complete my education degree, I decided on ECMP 355, for two reasons. The first is that it was taught by Katia, which eliminated the need to figure out a new professor during an already shorten spring semester. The second reason is that using technology in the classroom is becoming a necessity for teaching.

ECMP 355 provided me with the chance to participate in blogging, both as a blogger which I now enjoy, and as a commentator, which provided me with opportunity to become fully invested in the blogging experience. I began reading other people’s blogs, not just in my class but through the use of Feedly, I found many other blogs that actually taught me something. A year ago I did not think I would learn anything from reading blogs, that has changed.

The question of the week is  why am I choosing to participate in the Summer Blogging Challenge. The answer is that once I stop blogging, it may be too hard to start back up. Besides anyone that knows me, knows that I do not do well with being bored, and my summer will fairly boring if I do not find things to do.

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