Helping others learn… through my own learnings

As a future educator I know that I will be constantly teaching other, it is the entire point of the profession. I also know that I will never stop learning, while I like to think that  all educators share this same ideology I know  that they do not. Others for many years to come will hopefully learn off of my own learnings. This may sound like a good thing, but sometimes I learn things that are completely out there and even confuse myself with it, never mind confusing a bunch of people that are actually depending on me to learn.

This class is no exception to my journey of learning. This class is also no exception to me contributing to the learning of others (at least that is what I am hoping).

I have been taking part in #saskedchats since my experience in ECS 301, which has built my twitter following up quite a bit. This at the very least gave the appearance that more people were paying attention to what I was tweeting about, it also made me nervous  that people were actually paying attention to my tweets. I have a few tweets that I am actually proud of, both of these tweets contain resources that will help me, and my classmates with internship, pre-internship, teaching but they also provoked conversation.

Blogging is something that I have become more comfortable with over the past few semesters, I actually like  blogging because I finally feel like I am writing stuff that I want to write and not just what the professor is assigning. However, I get why others can find it scary, and frustrating at first and a little maddening. I would like to think that I did my part in helping my classmates find blogging less intimating and as more of a way to give a voice to teachers.

helping jessica

When I managed to find time, I  actually would read almost every blog post that was made during the week. I really wish that the blogs posted on our blog hub page provide only a glimpse of each person’s post because it was hard to read everyone’s posts on the page, it also made it hard to go back to past posts since some of the posts were very long (good reads, but long).

This images that are provided are only a small portion of contributions that I made, while I may have not tweeted a whole pile, I still tweeted what I found to be important. My posts (with the exception of these past three weeks), were regular and I tried to provoke thought and conversation with in each post and comment.

This class gave me a chance to learn, but it also gave me a chance to provide learnings to others.

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