If I Can Code, than YOU can code

When I was in Grade 10 and 11 I took information processing, mostly because my parents were against spares and my school only offered one class per class period. So I spent grade 10 taking info pro 10, and grade 11 taking info pro 30. During these classes I got to learn about excel, powerpoint, and like every other imaginable program that the computers with windows 98 could possibly have on them. My teacher has been teaching these courses since my school got computers (or close to), and by some weird chance she took a computer science class in university. So even though the curriculum said nothing about coding, my entire class learnt how to code with HTML, and surprisingly we were pretty good at it. Coding is just like math, you have to type in the proper function to get the computer to respond.

This class gave me an opportunity to code again, while kinda code. Rather than type in functions and use brackets, and all the other symbols, that make such an impact on the coding, I  used a program that eliminates any problems (well most problems).

I got to use Hour of Code, to relearn my coding. While Hour of Code was not as advanced as I am used to, it did give me insight into how coding can be used in the classroom.

There is an aspect of math in all coding, especially in the Anna/Elsa program where angles, shapes and patterns are a necessity of the program as well as vital in math.




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