Layered Baking that requires Little Baking

I have came to the realization that layered desserts (pretty sure that is not the right term, but I like the way it sounds) are my favorite to bake, because YOU BARELY HAVE TO BAKE!! My level of excitement when I found out that I only had to do a small part of actual baking, I did a happy dance. Which embarrassed my boyfriend as we were in the Wal-Mart aisle when I realized this, but I did not care, because I BARELY HAD TO BAKE!  I decided to do two recipes that my family enjoys quite a bit. Every Christmas I get to enjoy a fantastic trifle with my mom’s family, usually it is because we always seem to forget about dessert until last minute, and we always have cake mix in the cupboard and whipping cream for the fruit salad. I know that they are fairly easy to make, and tasty, and quick. All of which makes me very happy. I found a recipe online, I have stopped paying attention to the websites were I get the recipes because I would rather focus on what I am baking rather than where I found the recipe I am baking.

The second recipe I decide to make comes from Christmas with my boyfriend’s mom’s family. Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE trying new food, like no matter how good it looks I will do anything to get out of it. However, my first Christmas with Tyler’s family made me super nervous and I was way to nervous to tell his favorite aunt that I would not try her baking. So for the first time, I willing tried something new, it contained chocolate so I wasn’t like I had to have my arm twisted too much. For the first time, four years ago, I experienced chocolate sex in a pan (not sure who came up with that name), but it was really good. So I decided to make it for my final baking attempt.


Both the recipes turned out really good. Something I need to figure out is how to accomplish baking without using every dish that happens to be in house. For these two recipes I went through seven bowls, 6 measuring cups, and like two dozen utensils. The entire kitchen was a mess within the first five minutes of me starting.

If I could bake without cleaning I may enjoy it more.

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