Stop using the excuse that there is no “digital citizen” curriculum so you do not know what to teach!

Where does digital citizenship fit in the curriculum, the answer to this question is the same answer when asked where treaty ed fit, or critical thinking, or problem solving “fit” into the curriculum. Digital citizenship fits everywhere into the curriculum because it is not a lesson you teach but a way to teach a lesson. Students are going to use social media, most kids that we will teach will have a digital identity before their first birthday because parents share all the happy moments. I do not know a person under the age of five who is not all over their parents’ social media. We use it as a way of communication, to allow friends and family to see all “important” information that must be displayed. Why do we worry so much about new generations using technology, they grow up with it, they understand it. I worry about the parents who got it in the middle of their life and do not understand the power of it. My mom was looking at my facebook once, and all the sudden she started getting mad at me because one of my friends shared a half naked picture of some chick – this friend happened to be Victoria’s Secret, whom I happened to like their page, most of their pictures are of women in revealing clothes, but she did not understand this, she also did not understand how I can stand to see “naked” girls all over my facebook. The idea that I can scroll by something, without judging it seemed to confuse her, as well as all of her friends. We don’t need to teach digital citizenship, we need to integrate as additional learnings that happen but not because we have a single unit planned out to teach it.

Using the Saskatchewan Curriculum, in particular the health curriculum and because I will be teaching this during my internship.

Health curriculum

USC 1.3 (a,c,e,g,h); USC1.5 (c,h); USC2.1 (a, d-g); USC 2.4(a,b,e,g); USC 3.4 (a,c); USC 4.3 (a,b,c,k,l); USC 4.5(b,c,d,g,h); USC 5.4(d,e,f,h,i,k,l); USC 5.5 (b,d,e,f,i,k); USC 5.6 (a,b,c,d); USC 5.7 (c,d,e,i,j);  USC 6.1 (b,f,j,l); USC6.5 (a,b,c,d,f,h,i); USC 7.6 (a, b,e,d,g,l); USC 7.7 (a,c,d,f,h,i); USC 8.5(a,d,g,h,i); USC8.7(b,f); USC 9.1 (c,e); W4(b,c)

In every grade you can find a place for digital citizenship to fit, so there is no excuse to not include it in lessons. If we want our students to use technology for assignments, they need to know how to use it safely.

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