No shortcuts in baking with meringue

This post is a little late, one thing that I was not prepared for during this semester was being so busy, not with school but with all of the extra responsibilities that I seem to have piling up. My normal baking day is Saturday, but on June 11th I was preoccupied watch my cousin get married to his high school sweetheart, something that I decided was a higher priority. I did manage to bake on the 12th, but until today have not had time to make a post  until today.

Meringue is one of the simplest recipes  I have ever used, its egg whites and sugar maybe a few more ingredients but really its just egg whites and sugar. Sounds simple enough… right well it was not. Since I got home late on Sunday, I was trying to condense the time needed to make the meringue, the recipe for the meringue on Lemon Meringue tarts, which actually is a lemon meringue pie recipe, and meringue cookies was very similar. Me being the smart person that I am thought why not just take the egg whites that I need for both recipes, combine them, split the thickened mixture in half and add the remaining ingredients to their respective halves. This might have been one of my stupider ideas. Problem 1, they did not split anywhere near half which made the rest of my measurements whack. Problem 2, making meringue sucks, like a lot.

I started with making the lemon filling of the tarts (I cheated by already having a pre-made pie crust), which was really easy. The one weird part of this recipe is that once I had the lemon, butter and sugar mixture boiling, I was supposed to add a small amount of it to the whipped egg yolks, stir it, than add it back into the lemon, butter, sugar mixture. So I am not really sure what the point of the one step was, if someone knows a little clarification would be great.


IMG_1899This was added into the empty tart shells, which I fill 3/4ish of the way full, which actually looked a lot more like 100% full but apparently they were not.

To the top of the tarts I  added the meringue, which is where all the problems arose.

IMG_1904 Because of my super duper smart idea of making all the meringue at once backfired, and than I realized that we were out of eggs to make more… on a Sunday… in Craik… every store in town was closed… oops. So I had to improvise, which in this case meant getting my dad to help me. When I googled strategies how to fix this I FOUND NOTHING! How is it that no one else has never been in a situation that requires making meringue stiff… I feel like there has to be more than just me that is bad at following directions.

IMG_1895 My fantastic solution was to mix it until it got kinda stiff (which actually never happen, because it was more like whipped cream the stiff meringue) but I just went with it and piped it on the the tart.



IMG_1901I have gotten much better with the icing piping thing, but still struggle with having the stacked look.

IMG_1907 The lemon meringue tarts turned out fantastic, this might be my favorite thing I have baked this entire learning project.

The meringue cookies were literally icing sugar, a lot of icing sugar, and egg whites. Supposedly it should have whipped stiff, but these turned out even more runny than the other meringue. So while they tasted kind of OK, they did not look anything like what they were supposed to.




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