When information is a click away…why do we need teachers?

I grew up in between two generations. The generation older than me is expected to know very little about internet safety and how easy it is to access the questions that youth have. The generation younger than me does know everything about technology and how to access every single question they could possibly have using the internet. My generation is a mix, some of us know a lot about technology and how to use it and other know a limited amount. It is shocking for those that know me to know that I fall into the later category. I have never been able to decide if technology is something that I like or that I would rather not have. I know that I am dependent on using technology, that is just the reality we live in, but that does not mean I enjoy it.

You can google anything, but that does not mean what you find is reliable. You can find anything on the internet. Below are lots of myths that can be found,

While all of these sites prove that the myths are wrong, there are way more sites that actually provide “evidence” that these myths are true.

Being able to google the answers, being able to find anything on the internet DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE. But it does make everyone think it is true.

Why do we have anti-vaccination ideologies because false information was published, and enough people believed it that we now have a problem.

I am from Craik, I can easily google Craik. When I google Craik I get multiple sites. The first is Wikipedia, which appears to be accurate until you look further into the information, the last time the website was updated was March 27th 2016, three days after the Eco-center burnt down, but there is no mention of this, or the fact that the Craik Weekly News has no existed for at least three years. The other information that can be found on Craik is from Urban Dictionary, which while slightly entertaining is not factual information.

6350077128_ac636b4be6      Brett Jordan via Compfight cc

On the internet we can find valuable information, but we can also find opinions, misconceptions, lies, myths, and ramblings of every person and their dog who has an computer.

I had one of my believe-everything-they-read-friends, tell me that I should not become a teacher because in a few years everything students need to know will be on the internet. The truth is that she is not wrong, I can teach an entire unit from the internet. Flipped classrooms utilize the internet to teach students, so they can practice skills in the classroom. This does not mean that the internet can teach students, it means that the teachers can teach MORE to the students.

Teachers have the added responsibilities to teaching students how to recognize false or unreliable information on the internet, and why not everything on the internet is true.

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