Cupcakes… or something like them

This past weekend I made/attempted to make cupcakes. For the past few weeks I used YouTube, this time I decided to find recipes on people’s blogs to guide me. Fun fact, when someone uses the title “super easy to make cupcakes” they are actually lying. I spent a while researching the cupcake recipes I was going to use, for two reasons. The first is that I wanted something that tasted good, or at least tasted good to my very picky palette. I also wanted something that was not going to result in me having a complete breakdown, as I was already having a stressful week. I found three recipes that looked fairly easy, and they also looked good.

On Friday I sent my dad my full shopping list. Which included a variety of things, but it also included bacon. Now bacon may not seem like it is needed for baking…but when you are making bacon covered chocolate cupcakes, the bacon happens to be very important. To be more specific, non-frozen bacon is very important. When I got home I was smart enough to pull of the butter so I would become soft; however, I expected the bacon to be in the fridge (which it was not). This meant I had to spend an hour defrosting it, and than more time cooking it which put me behind schedule. The overall baking of the chocolate cupcakes went pretty well. The icing was more challenging as I never used a piping bag before. Also, part  of the recipe said to top with bacon and salt, I completely forgot about the salt until I started writing this post (oops). The review from my classmates was overall positive, but many of them were shocked by the bacon that they found on the cupcake. Much like my dad was when I say I needed bacon for my cupcakes.



The next cupcake for my learning project was Cookies and Cream. Which is exactly how it sounds. It was really easy to make. One oversight on my part was that I was trying to get everything done quickly  that I made the icing before I got the cupcakes into the oven, which resulted  in the icing being a little  dry making it harder to apply to the cupcake. These were my brother and boyfriend’s favorite, which would have been great if they made more than a dozen cupcakes. One thing that I want to know is why the recipe makes more icing than can go on cupcakes, it sucks throwing out icing :(.


The final cupcake I made was the Lemon Cupcake with Raspberry Buttercream icing. This was by far my least favorite to make, but my favorite to eat. I love lemon, and I love raspberry, so this cupcake has the best of both. However, it required me to make a raspberry Purée, which would have been great if I knew how to do that in advance. After guessing what a purée looks like, I felt a little more comfortable with the icing. The rest of the icing was complicated but manageable…except that it required 3 AND A HALF CUPS OF ICING SUGAR! How sweet does icing need to be? Also I ran out of icing sugar, but luckily I live in a small town. Which means I was phoning everyone I could think of trying to find icing sugar, not as fun as it sounds. Making the batter was alright except that the person who wrote the recipe was really bad at explaining her random thoughts, like do not over mix because it will be tough, do not under mix because it won’t cook… but at no point did she explain how to know if it was mixed just right. Like what does that even mean? Apparently it means something because I definitely over mixed, and the cupcakes were tough. If someone wants to explain to me what it means to “just mix” batter is that would be great.

The final part was icing the cupcakes…which was alright. I definitely need some practice on using a piping bag, if anyone could help with this it would be greatly appreciated.



Next week I am making pies… so wish me luck.





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