Cyber stalking… What can you find on Aysha Yaqoob?

Cyber stalking is not something that I am new at, for many different parts of my life I have taken advantage of people’s openness online. Part of this is for hiring people and another part of this is when we are interviewing people for ESS. Aysha, since you are probably reading this, yes I looked you up the first time I interviewed you.

When I am cyber stalking someone I have three places that I check. The first is I just generally google them, first and last name than depending on how many searches I find I usually include a location. After google, which I go until the fifth or so page because it eliminates any chance of a problem from the past coming up later, I go to Facebook. It is ridiculously easy to creep a person on Facebook. If they are smart enough to have good privacy settings, their friends often do not. All you need is to find one person whom you have in common an use them as a link into someone else’s Facebook. From their I start with their newest ten posts looking for things related to drinking, drugs, or other inappropriate behaviors, if these check out than I go to the last 30 or so posts. Unless I find questionable material I do not bother reading the rest. For the posts that I do look at, I make sure to look at the comments, especially if there are lots of comments, because that indicates a good discussion where tensions may occur. People do not always think to behave professionally on a comment. I take a quick glance at photos and videos, but usually people check those first because that is everyone’s go to when creeping someone, so they make sure the pictures are clean. I pay attention to what they “like” because it gives me insight into what goes on outside their professional life, for example when someone “Liked” the Vancouver Riot in 2011, I followed this to find a lot of really bad comments the person made on this page, which raised red flags. Once I have went through all of Facebook, I actually skip social media such as Twitter, and I go to Instagram. The reason that I look at Instagram is because the hashtags that people use give me more information about a person than a 140 character post. Instagram is designed for hashtags, but it also includes all Facebook and Twitter photos which eliminates time.

When I cyberstalked Aysha Yaqoob, I found lots of stuff that made me think she would be a good teacher candidate, lots of connection to volunteer work, and different non-profit organizations. One of my personal favorites is the fact that you can find that she is the founder of the non-profit organization Pencils of Hope, which means that she is a very thoughtful person, and very dedicated to helping others. I can also see that she is a member of ESS as a communication rep. While Aysha Yaqoob is clean, many of the people that share a name, or a similar name also have reasonable portfolios, but some of them collide with what she tries to do with her career, for example one of the people she shares a similar name with attends grad school in the states. While this person does not have any offensive or concerning internet connections that are found, her and the Aysha that I am searching live different lives, with one having a focus on business and our Aysha having a focus on education. Aysha has a very clean digital citizenship identity, and looks like a great teaching candidate that has both professional and easy going personality.

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