The Introduction to ME!!

For those that have been reading my blog for the past two semesters, you have already learnt lots about me and what is important to me, however; for those that are new to my blog I will give you the quick snapshot of my life.

I am from small town Craik, Saskatchewan which has done a lot to shape my perspective on teaching and the world of education. While Craik will always be my hometown, I now spend the majority of my time in Dilke, which is even smaller and even more in the middle of nowhere. My boyfriend is a farmer, and for anyone who does not think that farming relates to education or technology they are unbelievably wrong. I have learnt more about teaching strategies and the dependence on technology from farmers than I have even thought possible.

As a future teacher I try to relate my life to the things that matter to my future students, and I know that I would love to work in a small town, especially a farming community. Wanting to be in a farming community can mean two things; first the reasons for students missing school is plentiful, and technology is not always your best friend because depending on the town dial-up my still be a thing (yes, this still exists).

I am taking ECMP 355 to help me find ways to use technology that is worth using in a class, where technology may not be easy to use. I am also hoping to find technology that does not require constant internet access because sometimes it is easier to not rely on the internet. With a constant increase of technology and the variety of it that students can have access to, we as teachers need to be knowledgeable about what the students have access to and how to educate them to operate and act appropriate while using it.

In the past year I have started to develop my own digital citizenship, with a combination of Twitter, the Google+ community, and Facebook.



Photo Credit: Doctor Free via Compfight cc


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