Cookies, Cookies and More Cookies!

On Saturday May 14th, I attempted my first day of baking. I found that it took a lot of self-convincing to start the baking process. I found lots of excuses to avoid starting, such as spending 30 minutes unloading the dishwasher, when it normally takes me 5, and doing all the laundry in the house. By 2pm I had ran out of things to do, so I forced myself to start baking.

I started with sugar cookies because I knew they had a certain wait time between making the dough and baking the dough. I made these with the help of “How to Make Rolled Cut-Out Sugar Cookies for Decorating“, which was a fairly easy to follow, however trying to both listen to the video and bake as well as recording the baking was really difficult. The overall process of making sugar cookies was alright, since it was the first recipe of my baking journey I found that I was frustrated easily.

I broke the baking of sugar cookies into two parts. The first part shows me creating the dough for the sugar cookies, and the second part demonstrates me cutting, baking and icing the cookies.I was shocked with how much the cookies poofed-up, my parents thought I should make the dough a 1/4 of an inch thick, but the recipe really pushed only an eighth of an inch. I’m happy that I chose to stay with 1/8 because they came out being a good size.

The next recipe I attempted was Chocolate Chip cookies, which is a favorite of mine! I have made these a few times before and usually they result in one giant, slightly burnt cookie. My goal for baking these was to focus on spreading the cookies out so when they melt I would have individual cookies. Some of my cookies got a little dark around the edges, but overall they were a reasonable success…except for my first batch which slightly lit on fire (I edited this part out the video due to colorful language).

The final recipe that I attempted was shortbread cookies. I have never had a shortbread cookie before so making these felt like a guessing game. I didn’t know what they looked like or how to make them have the fancy designs that they always seem to have. After my first batch I started to figure out the cooking time, as they take a while to cook. I also made them a little smaller because the first batch had some larger cookies.

The biggest struggle with this week’s baking experiment was the video editing. In some parts the video looks really choppy, or it looks like I moved my entire body without actually moving which is a little freaky. I did lots of practicing with cutting out unnecessary parts and played around a bit with the sound, especially decreasing it when I had the mixer going. I also found it difficult with my family constantly needing into the kitchen or trying to have conversations with me while I was baking. I edited these out the best I could. My final challenge was getting the videos on to YouTube, the recording and editing program that I used put the videos into a weird format which YouTube does not recognize as a program. Converting it required a lot of re-saving until it saved in a .avi file. Eventually it worked, but I think that next time I may try something new to record and edit.

Next week I am making cakes…wish me luck!


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