The Frustrations of Baking

When my dad was younger one of his first jobs was in a bakery. My mom learnt how to bake when she was a kid. My sister has always been able to bake, and when my brother tries it comes naturally for him. Every single one of my aunts, and cousins can bake and all of my grandmothers on my mom’s side were amazing bakers. I cannot bake. This does not mean that I have never tried, it means that all of my baking ends in burnt food, or some other mess that could have been avoided if I was more patient or was able to avoid multi-tasking. I have neither of these traits; I multi-task all the time, and I have absolutely no patience with how long baking takes, or following a recipe.

Besides the fact that I enjoy eating baking, the other skills associated with baking such as measuring, patience, time management, organization and efficiency. All of these skills can in one way or another be part of my own teachings, and baking is just one of the ways were I can strengthen these skills. Over the next seven weeks I will spend each Saturday baking something new. My tentative plan is as follows:

Week 1: Cookies

Week 2: Cakes

Week 3: Cupcakes

Week 4:Pies

Week 5: Meringue

Week 6: Layered Desserts

Weeks 7: Cinnamon Twists/ Buns

Week 8: Classmate’s Choice

Each of these require different skills, all of which I can bring into my future classrooms both with the actual baking itself and with the secondary skills acquired throughout the process.

My overall plan for each week is to decide mid-week what recipes I plan to use, most weeks I will do three or four different kinds of desserts within the same category.Once I decide what recipes I will use, I plan on using YouTube to find different methods of baking the chosen recipes. These methods are combined with many of the strategies that I learnt from my mom and her family over the past few years. I will be recording all of my baking sessions, and attempting to video edit them into a reasonably length video which I will post on my blog each week.

I am both excited and nervous about my plan, I worry that I will struggle too much with the baking and since it will take up a lot of my time on Saturdays it will be more of a commitment than I can handle this semester. Video editing is a new skill that I will be experimenting with throughout the process, if I do not succeed with baking, I hope that I at least succeed with video editing. I expect that the first few weeks the videos will look a little choppy, but hopefully by the end they will look well put together.

Eight weeks, more than 20 recipes, and I’m sure lots of personal learning… Let the games being!

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