The beginning of Pre-Internship

The first few days of pre-internship was mixed emotions. I was happy to be back, to get to see my students again, but it was also weird being back to the school after so long. I was extremely stressed out during the first few days because my original plan ended up not being able to happen since the resources were unavailable. This resulted in me throwing together a lesson quickly and hoping it went really well. The first lesson had a lot of bumps, using the TRC survivors speak document while it was still online proved to be such a waste of time and extremely unbeneficial to the students.I have found that while I may make a good teacher one day, I highly doubt I will ever teach in a catholic school system. I find that my school is very cliquey with the teachers, but more importantly I find that a lot of judgement occurs in catholic schools. Which is unfortunate considering that whole catholic faith is based around love, respect, trust, and that only God can judge a person. I know that it is hard not judge people, but I think as teacher it is important to not play favorites, as well to understand people make mistakes, especially at a young age. This is hard, but it needs to be done. Every person has biases, but being able to recognize our own biases can allow us to make decisions that will prevent us from carrying our biases out. Knowing our biases, and admitting we have them is a valuable part of teaching.

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