My Opinion on Differentiated Education

I think that differentiation has a place in the classroom. From the start of university professors always talk about how no two students are the same and how we need to be able to make adaptations for students. However, many professors never mention differentiation, and if they do, it is only in passing. Differentiation allows for students with different learning styles to be able to get the fullest amount of education possible for students. Teaching differentiation is not something that can be done part of the time. Within the first week of classes, I would have students complete a Multiple Intelligence test; after which I would look at all results and determine where students are strongest. Students may have two or three strengths, and all of these must be taken into account. While looking at the students strengths, it is also important to note where the students’ weaknesses are. Differentiation can be used in many different ways; you can have people from similar strengths work together as a group, or you could take students from different strengths to work in a group so that they can see the assignment from many different points of view. Other options are to use choice boards so students can use individual assignments to play to their own personal strengths. Choice boards are when you have different options for assignments that are the same goal, and weighted at the same up allow for different products, and display the same results or conclusions. Knowing what students need, and being able to provide it to them, while still reaching all outcomes in the curriculum is a sign of strong lesson planning and good classroom/ time management. Using differentiation in the classroom can require more planning, but in the end it will benefit the students.

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