Principal Coupon Book

Principal Coupon Book Video

I found that this video gave a new kind of insight into administration. Administration is often given the stereotype of being scary, demanding, and judgmental; but this video makes me remember that at one point everyone in administration was at one point a teacher. There are times that teachers want to take action on different coupon ideas; yes there will be times that I will be so tired that I would rather roll out of bed and come to school in PJs, or jeans than in professional clothing; but I know that no matter how tired I am, I am still expected to be fully present in both the mental and physical, and I am still expected to perform as if I had eight full hours of sleep. To me this principal is saying that he gets that teachers are tired, he understands that you will have off days where you would rather be in bed…and he gets it. Another coupon idea he has is a “to it for me”, where all those things that the teacher has, they always seem to have that one thing that never gets done, in this case it is the bulletin board, but it could be anything that is “extra”, that one thing that even after you finish, you know that it will need to be done in the near future. It would be great if someone else could do this for teachers, and while we  wish this could happen, we know that we will have to do it. This principal is sympathizing with the teachers, but I want to know if he actually follows through on any of his ideas.

There are cons to this video, such as it makes teachers look lazy. It is a constant conversation with those that are not teachers “what do you get paid for, teaching is not that hard. You get two months off every summer, and weekends, and 2 weeks of Christmas holiday”. Anyone that is a teacher hears this from friends and family all the time, so this video makes it seem that teachers are incapable of doing any real work. But it also gives insight into some of the issues that teachers have. I can see that there may be problems with the video, but for me it is a funny video that sympathizes with teachers.

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