The end of part 1-pre-internship day 7

Today was my last day of pre-internship part one. It was full of mixed emotions, I was excited because that means the semester is almost over, but sad because I have begun developing relationships with man y of the students. Being able to see the students grow, and learn was the best part of the semester.  Since today was our last day, Amy and I decided to make a fun lesson. We started with a game of Kahoot, which all the students loved. We had questions about everything that we taught the students in the past few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised with all the information that was retained, even the random facts that the students learned about Amy and I during the few weeks we were there. The second part of the lesson was us teaching the students how to play the First Nations stick dice game. The students had a lot of fun learning how to play, and playing the game, and than to through them off we connected it to math. We had the students keeping track of how many times they tossed the sticks and the results they got each time, we took these numbers and turned them into fractions, percents and  decimals which is what the grade 8s are working on in Math. Game based learning is something I really want to experiment with more during my three week block. I think I would like to do my unit in Math. The more I work with teaching math, the more I would like to plan lessons, and try new techniques to make math more enjoyable for some of the students that find it useless. On my IPP, the cooperating teacher left comments about how my delivery and speaking has slowed down to an appropriate level which was my overall goal for the semester. I am so excited to go back for three week block,  I cannot wait to continue learning new teaching strategies and ideas for teaching.

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