Fixing lesson plan in ECS 301


Link to Revised lesson plan

When Nat and I started to fix the lesson plan that we were provided on Tuesday we decided to start with reading and understanding what the outcome was asking. We can up with the outcome wanting us to look at what impact those living in Canada have on the environment. This led us to wanting to focus on a small amount of the indicator listed. The whole indicator was too much to be covered in one lesson, so we shorted it to just focusing on the climate. We liked the idea of using a graphic organizer as a formative assessment piece, but we needed to explain how the students were finding their information to include in the graphic organizer. This seemed like a good  research assignment where the students can work in small groups to complete their research in one class. Before the class starts their research they will review the different Canadian regions. The research will be on the climate; seasons, precipitation, changes, normal days. After the research is done (it should only take 30 minutes) they will present to the class about their different regions. The teacher will take the notes made and put them into one chart that has all the regions. THIS LESSON ONLY FOCUSES ON RESEARCHING ABOUT CLIMATE.

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