My First Ever English Lesson- Pre-internship day 6

Today I taught my first ever English lesson. Surprisingly it went better than I thought it would. I started with a presentation reviewing the figures of speech, was not much of a review since most of the students did not remember anything from it being taught before. One thing that I would have changed in my presentation was the way I laid it out, I had the slides set out with the term, definition and examples. I should have had the term appear first, had the students try to define the term, than have the term appear, have the students think of examples and than have the examples I thought of appear on the board.  The next part of the lesson was to have the students find different figures of speech in one of two poems (A Thunderstorm by Archibald Lampford or Hurricane by Callum). In the future I would  only use the Hurricane poem, having students work on two different poems created confusions for both the students and the teachers. With these two changes the lesson would have ran much smoother. My target that I chose for the was class engagement, based on the cooperating teachers response I feel that I achieved this in my lesson today. One week left of Pre-internship part one, I am both sad to be done but excited to done another semester.

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