Science class with the Grade 5/6 room- Pre-internship Day 5

This week was very different from other weeks because the daily schedule was changed since the students did not have class for 3 consecutive days. This meant that our cooperating teacher taught science for the majority of the day. Amy and I were trying to step out of our comfort zone by teaching a 5/6 class rather than our normal 7/8 class. It did not take us very long to question this decision, not only did we know NOTHING about the class, we did not know what they already understood about the topic. We were to teach about the body system using outcome HB5.3, we did not know what terms they talked about, or how in-depth they went into some topics. Eventually we decided to do stations that would focus on a wide range of understandings. Our first station was watching a short video and answer questions, the video was a good length but their were too many questions for students to answer in 6 minutes. The second station was labeling different bones of the human body, using sticky notes and one of  the students as a model. The sticky notes did not sticky to moving people very well, and the students were not familiar with any of the terms that we used. In the future I would have a laminated skeleton, and laminated terms that could be attached with sticky tack. The third station was using the nervous system, students would throw a ball and focus on different senses that they used, these senses were prompted by questions such has what are you thinking before you throw the ball, what is your body doing, what are your eyes seeing, etc. The final station was having the students focus on muscles through doing physical activity and reflecting on how their body felt afterwards. Stations 3 and 4 went really well, it would have been nice to have more room to spread the students out while they were doing the activities. The lesson went overall, pretty good, we wrapped up with a think, pair, share about how could the three body systems work together to kick a ball which a lot of students responded well to.

Besides the teaching of our lesson, I found the day went pretty smooth. At the start of the day the students had to work on their portfolios, where they had to chose one needs work example and one good example for English, Math and a choice subject. Instantly Amy and I noticed the dynamic of how it was set up, with the focus only being with those two subjects. Students found creating portfolios a little frustrating,  some of them did not have work that they were really proud of, and some did not have anything to show that needed improvement. For some students a 90 was needs improvement and others a 80 was a good example. Seeing the different connections that students made to their work and the different expectations they had for themselves was really interesting. It gave me an opportunity to see what some students are capable of, which gave me new ways to build relationships with the students.

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