Being a grade 8 math teacher- Pre-internship day 4

Math has been one of my favorite subjects since I was in grade 11, for me there has always been something exciting about using numbers to solve problems and being able to relate the math in problems to real life-yes, math is something that you use in real life- is something that makes the world easier to understand. When I start education four years ago, I started with  a math minor, however last year I made a decision to go from secondary education to middle years education. Which led me to teaching grade 8s about using estimation to find square roots. It became super clear, super quick that the students had no interest in learning about estimation. Apparently estimating is bad, because obviously it is just like guessing, and in math you cannot guess…said no person ever…except the class I am currently teaching. I thought I had everything prepared, I wrote examples on the board, and provided the students with number lines so they could easily see all the steps that I went through to solve a question. I than answered questions, did a few more examples and allowed the students to start working on the assignment. Even though I asked the class repeatedly the next step, and to explain what was happening, and they all did without issue, the class decided that none of them understood what they were doing. Which was just great, teaching a whole topic in one hour is ridiculous, in most cases I would have used 2 classes to fully do this lesson but because we only have one class a week, I feel that I am trying to cram multiple lessons into one. My time management was better this week, but I still found myself rushing at the end of the lesson to cover everything before they started their assignment. It would be easier if the lessons that I taught, especially math related lessons, were carried on the next day with time to do the assignment, 50ish minutes is not enough time for students to learn a new concept and start an assignment but that is all I have to work with. I think I am getting better at working with the time that I have, and I really like teaching math but sometimes it feels like I am inconveniencing the students.

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