Teaching the Carbon Cycle: Pre-Internship day 3

This may have been one of the worst lessons that I have ever created. It was boring, and when I was writing the lesson plan I paid no attention to the fact that a lot of the terms that I was using were way above their understanding. The activities that I had planned were a little advanced for many of the students and I spent most of the class answering questions. I went through the presentation in half the time I expected but the assignment took way longer than I thought it would. However, none of this was noticed by the cooperating teacher because for the majority of my lesson he was not in the classroom. It is understandable that teachers are busy, but when the only feedback that I received was that the lesson went well and I did a good planning ahead I felt a little frustrated. I received more critical feedback from my teaching partner, which was helpful but I was hoping to get more critical feedback from a teacher who has taught this material before, or some ideas about how he would have taught the lesson. I likely won’t be using this lesson again, unless I do some major tweaking to the PowerPoint presentation and assigned workbook. However, the cooperating teacher did notice that I talked slower than I did the previous week so that was a positive thing. My next lesson is teaching about how to use a number line to estimate square roots, since I started this unit in my second week I am very excited to expand on the topic.

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