Pre-internship day 2

Day two went better than I expected. I was prepared for my lesson to be an absolute chaos, where no one understood what was happening and Mr. Krammer would have to reteach the whole lesson the next day. However, this was not the case, the students seemed to enjoy the initial activity where they got to experiment with the different methods to finding dimensions of the number 36 and 64. Once the numbers started being written on the board the students quickly picked up on 6×6 and 8×8, with the numbers being the same which allowed me to lead into other numbers that could be squared (all numbers can be squared), in my lesson I planned on talking about prime factorization next but skipped it and went right into what was the opposite of squaring, which is square roots. The students seemed to be engaged in the lesson, asking lots of questions, giving me different numbers that I could use to try and find square roots, not all numbers have a square root that is a whole number but any number that the students said I would try to find them a square root, allowing them to see all the steps. I was than going to talk about a perfect square root, but started to run out of time. Instead I gave the assignment, the first problem with the assignment I gave was that #1-5 could have been on two different pages, the first option was 1-4 using explore, and than 5 on practice, the second option was 1-4 on connections and 5 on practice. I chose to go with the second option because some of the explore did not really connect with the material I had went through, but also because the second question on the connections involved prime factorization. I used that opportunity to quickly cover how to do prime factorization, than the class ended. I planned for a 60 minute class, but the class is more like 45 minutes which really threw off my timing. After my lesson Mr. Krammer commented on how my circulation was good, but that at times I spoke a little fast, control the speed that I talk at will probably be a personal goal for me for the remainder of my university experience and likely well into my teaching career. I hope that this is not a lesson that completely screwed up the students understanding of square roots, but I know that it will need to be reviewed the next day, to clarify any misunderstandings or confusion that came from me rushing through the last half of the lesson.

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