Pre-internship day one

A little bit before 8:30 am, I arrived at St. Jerome school located in the north end of Regina. I had majorly mixed emotion, I was super excited and equally nervous, but I was also happy, stressed and worried. Upon meeting the cooperating teacher I became a little less nervous, but also less excited. He seemed happy to have my partner and I there but he also seemed disorganized and to have minimal expectations of others around him. At first he did not talk a lot about what he was teaching or what he found important to include in his class, but he did talk about how important classroom management is to his class. He did not however, tell us what techniques he uses  for classroom management. One of the first things that I noticed was that French was listed as the first 30 minutes of every day, I thought this as odd, until the co-op explained that he disliked French and by placing it first thing in the morning it was easy to skip or replace with announcements, opening work sheets, attendance, other important things that need to be discussed. While I thought this was a unique idea, it is not exactly fair to the students. If he is not comfortable teaching the subject but it is still included in the schedule that means it is important to teach and a requirement for the school. Not teaching the students French places them at a disadvantage if they take the subject in the future.Some of the lessons that he designed had a great idea behind them, but it seemed that they were poorly explained to students. Many students had no idea what was happening, or there was misunderstandings about how much time was being given for the assignments. He would often start with thinking that he was giving a fair amount of time for an assignment but by time he answered all the questions, and than reexplained because most students didn’t understand the assignment the first time, and than once he finally had all the students organized, there was only a few minutes to work on the actual assignment. He talked about using inquiry method to teach but when I watched him teach there was less inquiry and more providing answers, I think that he had some great ideas but that he was not sure how to implement these ideas. One thing that I found really interesting was his work with Genius hour, this is something I would have liked actually witness in the class. I know that I will learn a lot from him, but I think it will be more of taking his core ideas but manipulating them into a different way of teaching.

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