Exploring the SK Curriculum–Health USC5.1

The outcome for health USC5.1 states ” analyze personal eating practices”. To me this outcome is very direct, the teacher’s goal is to have students look at the food they choose to eat daily and start thinking about if they are making healthy choices. Three activities that I would definitely do with my class is to have the class each keep there own individual eating journal; this would include the food they eat, the times, how they felt after eating, why they chose to eat that food, etc,. The second activity that I would like to do with the class is to have cooking classes, where they could learn to make healthy, easy and cheap meals. I wish more schools focused on teaching how to cook healthy meals because once you leave for university you have to be able to cook, or prepare to eat McDonald’s for the next four years. The final activity that I would want to do would be to have the class research the different places they go to get food eg) subway, Burger King, etc, and how where they choose to eat can make a difference. Some of the assessments that I would use to evaluate the progress would be to keep a journal, which I would provide feedback on but not really mark, another option would be to have the students design a balanced weekly diet that they would hopefully follow. One of the problems would be having their parents be willing to stick to the diet. Having the students design a diet/ or eating plan will help them realize all the things they have to take into consideration when planning what to eat.  The third way I would like to assess the students is to have them make a shopping list, give them a budget, take them to the store and see if they can manage to get whats on the list for the money they have. This will help them realize how  much cheaper it is to eat junk food than healthy. When I read over the indicators I noticed that there is no mention of how different people need different eating habits. I would add in an indicator that would have the students examine how different types of people need to have different diets, ie) football players compared to ballerinas or teenagers compared to pregnant women. I think it is important that the students realize that as they get older, what there bodies need will change and they have to adapt to that.

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