What do teachers make?

Taylor Mali had a few points that I really appreciated. Near the start of the writing, he makes a mention of how others assume that teachers are lost causes, and that people think that teachers settle for their jobs. Mali makes a point of showing his friends that there is so much more to a teacher than the paycheck they receive, teaching is not about what you get paid, and not every person can become a teacher. A teacher has more power than others realize, because a teacher spends at least 6 hours a day with children. Eventually these children will go out into the world and they will be influenced by the teachers they had, the material they learned and the habits they developed. Mali implies that teachers are more aware of their students and should be held in higher regards than their parents. I do not agree with this, while teachers are valuable to a student’s growth, the growth would not happen without parents and other influential people who put the effort into children. People may not realize the power a teacher has, Mali has clearly realized the power that he has but I do not think that he uses his power accurately. A teacher does have the power to build a student up, and to take a student down a few levels. A teacher has the right to expect that students’ will give a 100% in their assignments, but what a 100% looks like from one student will be different from what a 100% look like from other students. A teacher has power, but they also have a responsibility, a responsibility to ensure that students feel confident, safe and understood in a classroom. The line that I agree with the most is the final line “Teachers make a goddamn difference”. That is the only line that can not be argued against in my mind because it is truth, other statements that Mali makes can be seen as being egotistic or embellished truth but teachers do make a difference, even if the difference is small to the student it is still considered to be a difference. Other careers measure successes by the title before their name or the paycheck that is earned the end of each week, this is not true for how a teacher measures success. What a teacher makes is not measured by a paycheck but measured by the achievements and developments of their students, and it takes a real teacher to fully understand that it is not a paycheck that determines your value.

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