Creative Journal #6 – Then and Now

When I first started this class I was not really sure what to expect. The people I knew that were science majors said I would hate it because we look at science in  a different way, in a way that is not formulas, equations and laws. Those that were in middle years and took it before me said I would appreciate it, because it would be my easy class since most of the marks came from simple assignments and those that knew me before I started university thought I would love it because I was so involved with the Craik Sustainable Living Project back home. The truth is it was not one of these things is how I think of the class now.

Yes, I do hate that it is not traditional science with formulas, equations and laws but that is because it is not a traditional science class. In all of the chemistry classes that I took in my first two years, they cared more about what the answer was and how you got to the answer than why it was the answer, sure they would ask you to justify your answer with laws and rules but I never learnt why it effected me, and what it had to do with teaching students high school science. ESCI 302 however has taught me the why, and the how and explained why it matters to me as well as shown me how to make it matter to my students. I definitely do not consider it my easy class, because for me it involves stretching my understanding of learning and science in a way that is difficult for me to take in quickly. for many of the readings I have actually had to reread multiple times to understand and this is not the norm for me and because of this I found the class difficult. For anyone that knows me now, I have a strong negative opinions about the Craik Sustainable Living Project and this create a bias opinion of many things that we discuss in class so I did not love it for that reason. The truth is that I don’t hate, love or find the class easy. It is a class just like every other class I have taken since starting University, I worked hard at it but likely won’t have got the information that the class intended me to get from it. Will I make an effort to have my students outside, probably but not because I think they all will suddenly become obsessed with the environment but I want them to respect the environment, to understand its value.

My drawing below shows how I looked at Earth before and after I took this class and in a way this is what I want my future students to understand from my teaching, that all time is the right time to pick up garbage, to throw their own garage in the trash can rather than on the ground.

I still don’t know how I feel about this class, but I do know that I have learned a lot from this class, stuff that I will be able to apply to my future students and that is something that I can’t say for most of my previous science classes. image1

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