Using the Medicine Wheel for Environmental Science-Creative Journal #4

In my Epsy 217 I have been working on an inquiry project that involves using Indigenous education as a tool in school rather than as a topic on its own, one of my sections is dedicated to integrate indigenous ways of knowing into science class. One of the ways this is done best is by using the Medicine wheel. The medicine wheel has many different uses but the ones that relate best to environmental science are the components of nature, such as animals, plants, water, air, the sun and earth. I spent some time over the break looking outside (i refused to go outside in the cold, because i HATE the cold) and decided to put the things that I seen from the window into the Medicine wheel in the proper areas of the circle. It surprised me when I noticed the grass because of all the snow we had gotten a during the break, but because of the way the wind was blowing it managed to create a patch of grass in the ditch. Something that I heard a lot in my classes last year (which were mostly chem and math classes) was that nothing related to First Nations ever truly related to science or math because the answer will be the answer regardless of what you believe, and in a way this is true. The answer of a question will remain the same, but the steps that you take to get there, or the things that you learn from a lesson can vary depending on how you look at the information. One person can see a patch of grass in the snow and come up with an explanation of wind trajectories and angles while another person can see the same patch as think that it was left empty because the creator chose to allow a patch of grass to remain to remind people that spring is coming, even though the weather has been horrible. Using different ways to think about the same thing really opens my eyes to all the different ways of knowing and understanding that we could be teaching in schools, rather than just the western way. IMG_0692

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