“Living on one Dollar” Review

I chose to watch the documentary “Living on One Dollar”, where four college students go to rural Guatemala for two months where they could only live on $1 american dollar a day. The four boys had to learn to deal with daily hunger, illness, and budgeting without a secure amount of money. By the end of the film the boys learned that even though the people in Guatemala are struggling with extreme poverty they have found many ways to work together to make their standard of living more manageable to them. The target audience is the average middle class person that feels the need to help. This would be a great video to show in a classroom because it would provide the students with a chance to create their own possible strategies to help with poverty.

The filmmakers did a great job at capturing how much poverty impacts the people of Guatemala. The ALP topic that I was researching and learning about was overpopulation, and while 1.1 billion people were living in poverty at the time of the filming (2013) that number is increasingly growing as our population grows. In under developed countries is where population growth is most severe and where poverty is at the highest level. The more overpopulated the world becomes, the more people there are living in poverty. The film showed many strong examples of children that were unable to receive education because their family could not afford the cost of books and supplies plus they depend on their children to work in order to make enough money for their family. At one point the film students, who had no background in international development and were unable to communicate in Spanish, made a comment that it would not be that hard to live in poverty for a few years, and this was frustrating to hear. These people do not get to only experience poverty for a few years, in many cases they will never escape poverty, it is not something that they have a choice in, and from people that come from privileged, or middle class at the very least it was hard to hear.

The filmmakers showed a lot of examples of how poor communities can work together to make money, but also how we can do simple things to help those in less than ideal circumstances, even basic things like donating only school material that we no longer need to make school cheaper for the families. Education is the key to eliminating poverty; the more educated people are the more likely they can find a job, which will help them slowly come out of poverty by helping them have a more stable access to food, shelter and health care.

Documentary link http://www.netflix.com/WiPlayer?movieid=80026944&trkid=13752289&tctx=0,0,540879483dbb8034eca0e8f448042c832fe421c0:b34a805ca6410652578f3eb77a1f13749d787b7e

Website link http://livingonone.org/

Documentary Trailer Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze72rpWp_Dg

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