Eco Literacy Braiding

When I was writing my poem I found that it was both easy and hard at the same time. It was easy to put the words together once I knew what I  wanted to say but figuring out what I wanted to say, what truly matters to me as an eco literate person. But I am not an overly eco literate person, I know that it is important to preserve the environment for future generations but it is hard to believe that every piece of  garbage matters, when considering a lot of  garbage I can see how it matters but unless I see a lot of garbage in one place I never really think about the impact that it has on the environment. When I was reading some  of the other eco literacy poems/letters I noticed how many people connected with recycling and picking up garbage, as if some how this is enough. Maybe it is possible that if all of  society recycles and garbage is properly disposed of than it will make a difference but that is not  going to happen in my lifetime because too many people do not care. If people really cared about the garbage and recycling than it would be much easier to find a garbage can on the streets, it would be come law that large buildings must take part in recycling. Did you know that the university does not actually recycle, many student groups will have their own recycling in their lounges and use the money to help cover costs, and URSU has a small recycling program but the university as a whole does not have a recycling program because “it is too much work to organize”. When you think about  how many bottles students throw out each day that is alarming, but than you think about how if the big places don’t need to recycle why should each individual person spend their time sorting plastics, it makes it hard to convince others that it matters when one person does not make a difference. Willow’s showed a different look on how eco literacy is important from an animal’s perspective and how while her dog does not care about recycling, he does care about having a healthy environment to play in, which provided me with some reasoning as to why that one person does  make a difference. A dog only needs so much area to play, but in the area that they play anything in the area is  either considered a toy or food. Thinking about how bad it is  if a  dog tries to eat a piece of garbage make more understandable as to why the one person that needs to pick garbage. Something I really focused on is how the world is not  going to survive if we keep treating it them same way, but nothing I said provided any solutions, just stated the problems and possible results of our actions. Nat shows how  the beauty of the world is so important, that by noticing it you want to make sure it remains healthy and beautiful, but does not focus on the problems of the world. None of us wrote the exact same thing and we all had different understandings of what it means to be eco literate but we all had one thing in common, we all understand that something must be done to allow the earth to remain healthy and stable.

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