Eco Literacy Poem


Brooke Korchinski

What way does the wind blow,

When it blows garbage around?

What happens when there is more trash in the ocean than fish?

Or when our non-renewable resources run out ?

How quickly will our society panic when we can’t breathe easy a night?

Or can’t buy fresh fruit at the market?

Our world will panic and people will ask why.

Our governments will blame each other,

And start a war.

People will cry that their neighbours were greedy;

Throwing out every piece of waste,

Not daring to recycle, renew, reuse.

Why were people not understanding that Earth is not unlimited?

How could people have done anything different?

The politicians were too concerned about votes to listen to the people.

The people were too busy, being independent to listen to the scientists,

And the scientists were too frustrated with society to care.

Why are we waiting till it is too late?

Why not worry now?

Why not worry when we see wind blowing,

Garbage in any direction it chooses?

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